Against the Grain

This past Tuesday was a very unique moment for Georgia College & State University and Milledgeville. We are celebrating 250 years of representative government in the state of Georgia.

Having all of our state legislators here was a very important event for all those who participated. I had the opportunity to talk to many legislators, and I even had the opportunity to shake Governor Barnes’ hand and interview him.

It isn’t every day when a community has their state legislators in their town to celebrate a historic moment. I have heard from many students that they were happy to be outside the Old Governor’s Mansion to see the line of charter buses full of legislators and having everyone cheer for them

At the same time, I have heard students complain about how upset they were because they were trying to get back to their cars and dorms and couldn’t get through the crowd of people.

All I have to say for those who did enjoy themselves and for those who are upset is to be happy to have been given the opportunity to experience this moment. Just be grateful that we live in a country where people can be represented and to be grateful that the legislators that are representing us today are truly from a representative government.

Think, 250 years ago, women, African-Americans and other minorities did not have the opportunity to be represented in the Georgia legislation and in many other states. We have come a long way.

Don’t get me wrong we still have a long ways to go but we definitely have made progress in the last 250 years.

When I look back on the three years that I have attend ed this university; I can’t help but say that I have had so many blessed opportunities to experience things. Out of all my experiences, this tops them all!

Even though I won’t be living in Georgia after I graduate in May of 2002, I will always remember these moments and what they have meant to me. To have Governor Barnes here and all the state legislators at the same time is unbelievable! This doesn’t happen often. So, I really think our university has been blessed and I wish that more people had the opportunity to experience what others did. As a student ambassador, seeing all the legislators walk up the path to the Old Governor’s Mansion made me realize what opportunities I have in the near future, not only as a Mass Communications major but also as a Political Science major.

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