Writer/Photographer of the Week

Writer and Photographer of the Week is an award presented to one outstanding reporter each week.  The writer or photographer who wins this award has demonstrated excellence in journalism through an interesting or unique article or picture.  The winning article or picture is also informative to the community and benefirts the GC campus as a whole.  The Writer or Photographer of the Week also shows professionalism by submitting their article on time and error proof.

Congratulations to all of our winners for their hard work!

February 25th Issue
Writer: Ashley Clifton, “Southern themed campaign aims to raise bullying awareness”
Photographer: Tayler Pitts for her photos of lacrosse

Past Writer/Photographer of the Week winners:

February 11th Issue
Writer: Mykel Johnson, “Homosexuality and the church”
Photographer: Mackenzie Burgess, “The Big 200″ photo illustration

February 5th Issue
Writer: Clayton Roper, “Restaurant shells out $500 to logo-designing student”
Photographer: Maddie Shores for her women’s basketball photos

January 28th Issue
Writer: Lauren Corcino, for “GC Miracle uses blue and green shoes to raise money for Children’s Hospital”
Photographer: Jessica Winski for her MLK march photos

January 21st Issue
Writer: Bethan Adams for “LITC aims to be ‘one-stop-shop,’ coordinator says”
Photographer: Kat Wardell for Baby Baby concert photos

November 8th Issue
Writer – Ansley Burgamy for “Breast cancer survivors honored at banquet
Photographer –  Robin Glaubman for her photos of “Art show held to benefit children’s hospital

October 26th Issue:
Writer – Jenna Bryan for “Central State Returns to Operation”
Photographer – Kelsey Cooper for her photos of “Club Football”

October 4th Issue:
Writer – Haley Bogan for “Thunder Crew Goes ‘Gangnam”
Photographer – Kendyl Wade for her photos of “The Birds”

September 25th Issue:
Writer – Lee McDade for “The Vinyl Underground”
Photographer – Kate Federman for her pictures of the Governor’s Mansion

March 2nd Issue:
Writer- Lisa Van Tuyll for “Students debate existence of racial divide on campus”
Photographer- Scott Carranza for his picture in “WRC Rock wall fee causes Concern”

February 3rd Issue:
Writer- Powell Cobb for “Mixed Martial Arts Club Fights for Spring”
Photographer- Jen Hoffman for her pictures of the basketball team

February 10th Issue:
Writer- Brennan Meagher for “West Campus work continues into spring”
Photographer- Kelsey Garrison for her picture in “White Kids on the Block”

February 17th Issue:
Writer- Benedict Esposito for “Peabody garden dedicated, newly decorated”
Photographer-Matt LaMothe for his picture in “Homecoming concert talent show spotlights student musicians, crwons Adele-esque winner”

February 24th Issue:
Writer- Scott Caranza for “Meme page causes controversy”
Photographer- Jen Hoffman for her picture in “Baseball wins three in a row”

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