The Colonnade is an award-winning publication

2012 General Category Awards

1st Place General Excellence

1st Place Best Campus Community Service

1st Place General Photography

1st Place General Advertising

2nd Place Improvement

2nd Place Best Campus Community Service Features

2nd Place Layout and Design

2012 Individual Winners

First place for Best News Article based on Objective Reporting- Lauren Davidson’s coverage of gay marriage in Georgia.

Third place for Best Sports Story- Scotty Thompson’s coverage of the Bobcats preparing for the NCAA Southeast Regionals matchup
against Barton College last March.

Third place for Best Feature Story- Aubrie Sofala’s profile of a Libyan international student.

Third place for Best Photograph-Sports- Taylor Seay’s shot of GC’s club rugby team.


2011: See this year’s press release

GCPA: 1st Place Best Editorial or Feature Photograph – Chelsea Thomas

3rd Place Best Sports Photograph- Drake Simons

2nd Place Best News Photograph- Charmaine Tesina

3rd Place Best Sports Story- Scotty Thompson

2nd Place Best News Article Based on Investigative Reporting- Allison Bramlett

1st Place General Improvement Award

1st Place Genearl Photography Excellence

3rd Place General Advertising Excellence

1st Place Layout and Design Excellence

2nd Place Best Campus Community Service-Editorial

1st Place Best Campus Community Service-Sports

3rd Place Best Campus Community Service-Features

1st Place Best Campus Community Service-News

1st Place General Excellence

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