Senior golf players prepare for final season

Written by: Marlee Thomas

The Georgia College men’s golf team will have big shoes to fill in May upon the graduation of their four senior team members.

Seniors Conner Albright, Thomas Knight, Harry Lambert and Harrison Stewart have each made names for themselves on the golf course during their collegiate careers, helping their team bring home numerous victories. As they prepare for their final season as Bobcats, this quintessential quad has taken some time to reflect on their time here at Georgia College and on the golf course.

The four share a close bond, as Albright, Lambert, and Stewart have played together since the start of their freshman year, with Knight joining them for their sophomore season. “Being able to have that tight, close group of guys… I feel like that’s the way I’ve really grown my game over the years by just competing and growing with them,” Albright said.

Competition has played an equally large role in the game of Lambert, Stewart, and Knight as well, as they agreed that the competitive camaraderie they have when playing together wasn’t taken for granted. “Being able to not just compete in tournaments but against each other in practice every day is probably what I’ll miss the most,” Knight said.

There is more to being on the team than just healthy competition, though. “I’ve made a lot of good friends and teammates and learned a lot from them, and matured a lot with them on and off the course. Being around the guys is always a good time,” Lambert said.

During each season, the team has had the privilege of traveling and playing a variety of courses at no expense because of their position on the team. “We get to play really nice courses for free which is a huge luxury,” Stewart said.

Some of the seniors’ favorite moments include going on golf trips, playing the different courses and being a part of tournaments in which they set personal records. “Golf will always be in my life as long as I can swing a club,” Lambert said.

“That’s why golf is nice, you don’t just play for your college career and then you’re done. You can play for the rest of your life.”

(Feature image by: GC Athletics)

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