GC street food cart makes debut on campus

Written by: Lexi Garofalo

Georgia College now has a new convenient way to get a variety of good eats on campus that has rotating specials every day. On weekday afternoons, students, faculty and staff can grab a quick bite to eat between classes at a street food cart run by Jimmy James.

“Students and faculty were going between classes, and they didn’t have time to stop by the Max for a full meal like they usually do or go downtown to catch a bite to eat, so we decided to put something out that’s more convenient for everyone,” James said.

James’s food cart accepts cash, credit cards and Bobcat cards, including both Cat Cash and Dining Dollars. The cart operates Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with prices ranging from $5 to $7 for most items.

“I’m so excited about the new food cart. It’s great to have a fast alternative and even better to be served by Jimmy’s friendly face,” Colleen Costello, senior, said. The food cart debuted near the campus’s central fountain on Oct. 7, serving a variety of tacos, chips and drinks.

“We have different varieties of things every day. I love coming out here and doing this,” Kadeshia King, James’s coworker, said. “Yesterday we had Hebrew National quarter pound hot dogs, bratwurst and chips. Other days we will have street taco day and philly cheese steak day.”

James said that business so far has been good. “Since we’ve started, in just a few short days we have sold at least over 100 items,” James said. “I thoroughly love doing this, putting out a good product and interacting with all the students.”

The food cart will also be available at intramural games. James said that he hopes to eventually have his cart by the front campus bus stop to cater to the late night crowd and bar goers.

“Most of the kids around here are my friends that I’ve known since before I even started working here, and these kids are like my extended family,” James said. “I love serving each and every one of them.”

(Feature image by: Lexi Garofalo/ Contributing Photographer)

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