End it Movement hosts event to stop slavery

Written by: Avery Kronz

Eighty students participated in the first Georgia College End It Movement slavery awareness event on front campus on Thursday night, a fundraiser that included entertainment and a motivational speaker.

“The End It Movement is a global organization that is raising awareness for the 27 million that are still in slavery,” Morgan Sangster, head coordinator of End It at GC, sophomore, said. The movement’s main mission is to fight against different forms of modern day slavery such as bonded labor, forced labor and human trafficking. Sangster said that End It is committed to helping those trapped in bondage by making people aware, educated and ready to help in communities and on college campuses.

“We think it is crucial that this campus is informed of the issue of modern slavery,” Sangster said. “So why not make it fun with music and pizza?” In a laid back environment with free food, T-shirts for sale and live entertainment, “End It on the Lawn,” opened doors for GC students to gain knowledge of modern day slavery and how they can take part in the fight even as close to home as Atlanta.

The money made from t-shirts sales and the small donations at the event will go towards the End It Movement organization and be used for more slavery awareness events on GC campus.

End It on the Lawn also brought Lee Daniel, a representative of BeLoved Atlanta, to speak about the slavery that is happening in the city and suburbs of Atlanta. Daniel explained that sex trafficking generates $290 million per year in Atlanta, the highest in the nation. Daniel said that GC students can be involved in helping stop this major issue through volunteering with BeLoved Atlanta.

Maranda Blum, Mass Communication major, cocoordinator of event and sophomore, said that this event was important because GC students must know that slavery still exists. She said that many are unaware that Atlanta is the largest human trafficking hub in the nation. “We believe that we can have a larger impact together as a community to be a voice for the millions that don’t have one,” Blum said.

Bethany Watkins, a prenursing major at GC and event attendee, said that if she can help in any way to stop modern slavery, she wants to be a part of it. “It breaks my heart that there are so many still trapped in bondage and that it is happening even in our own community,” Watkins said. “I am thrilled to see so many getting involved with this event and I am excited for the future of the End It Movement here at GC.”

(Feature image by: Avery Kronz/ Contributing Photographer)

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