Bobcats speak out regarding campus safety

Written by: Abby Collins

This week, The Colonnade asked students, “In regards to the recent robbery committed near campus and other reported crimes, how does this reflect on Public Safety and your opinion of them?”

“I respect public safety and know they have GCSU students in mind when they are on and off duty. Being a former CA, I have seen how much dedication they put into their jobs and am so appreciative of them dedicating their time to keep the campus and the student population safe.” -Gentry Keisler, Early Childhood Education Major, Senior

“When I transferred here, I thought I was coming to a safer environment, but honestly it’s been the complete opposite. My parents are surprised with all they have heard has been going on and are upset because they are concerned for my safety.” -Gracie Tibbets, PreNursing Major, Sophomore

“I feel like it shouldn’t be a common occurrence and it seems like it has been during this past year, and especially this semester.” -Jeremy Sokol, Marketing Major, Sophomore

“Public Safety is doing an outstanding job with the resources they have. You can never parent all crime but the GCSU Police Department is doing a good job.” -Corey Baker, Business Management Major, Sophomore.

“I still feel safe. There haven’t been any major reported crimes regarding the events happening and the police seem to be doing their very best to keep the campus safe. I don’t think we can generalize and say that the campus isn’t safe just because of one hiccup. Every campus has scares.” -Lily Payne, Accounting Major, Sophomore

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