We All Read

By JD Davern

Not everyone likes to read, and it’s up to everyone to fix that.  Reading should be fun, but it should also be helpful, and that’ exactly what the Mary Vinson Memorial Library is working towards.  The library needs volunteers for its April and summer weekly events, so what better way to have fun while reading?

The Mary Vinson library holds daily events and weekly projects for its patrons, but it could always do with more volunteers.  Stop by to offer your time to help people learn Spanish, watch a new movie, craft a new house ornament or just make some new friends. The library offers story times on Mondays and Tuesdays for teens and children, children’s reading events on Wednesdays, crafts and coloring on Thursdays, and movie nights on Fridays.

“I think the best way to show appreciation is just to show up, the more people we have to serve, the better we can make the library,” says event director Emily Kennedy.

If any of that sounds like fun, or if there’s just that extra space on a resume that needs to be filled out, the library is open.  Students can use the GIVE center in the MSU building to volunteer through the school, or just open the doors and apply.

Our own community engagement director Kendall Stiles explains, “A student does not have to be a registered volunteer to do service in Baldwin County, it just helps them become a part of the network here at Georgia College…it’s a great way to communicate…they’ll learn about all kinds of resources that the GIVE center can help them [with].”

Yi’Sheika Bell, a grad student of second year education, helps students who talk with the GIVE center to start up their own organizations on campus.  “I love it, I’ve been here for almost three years.” She’s helped the organizations Girl Talk, and Big Brothers Big Sisters get a great turnout on campus, so anyone wanting to get noticed while volunteering can go straight to her.

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