The Lemonade: College Students Protest Academy Awards after DiCaprio Wins an Oscar, Finally

By Will Anderson

After his six nomination in a major acting category for The Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio finally snagged his first win for Best Actor in a motion picture. Local Georgia College students however, don’t seem to be handling this win as well as the rest of the country.

“This theoretical win last night for actor and star DiCaprio is an outage and just proves once again that The Academy is out of touch and clearly doesn’t know what the younger generation wants,” commented an overzealous junior student on Bobcat Exchange. “I know this platform is only supposed to be used for selling and buying items, but I am here to tell you about why our movement MLM is going to create an uprising across America!”

MLM, shorted for Meme Lives Matter, is a political revolution sweeping throughout the entirety of campus. According to the website, the main message of this movement is: “Meme Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where meme lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for.”

“Obviously we are pretty upset about DiCaprio’s win last night. How else are we going to make witty and comical post all over our friends Facebook feed so that people will notice and like us more?” stated a member of the movement in a recent online interview. “It’s unfair that The Academy doesn’t want to seem to give equal treatment to all memes. Not everything about the night however was a bust. At least the Damn Daniel video seems to still be pulling in strong numbers as he just appeared on Ellen this week.”

Backing of this effort came in the form of the Twitter community last night from a variety of other washed up, overused memes, including bad luck Brian, scumbag Steve and Grumpy Cat. The Hashtag #oscarssoderp was trending throughout most of the awards ceremony.

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