Nathan Vickroy: Intramural Legend & National Record Holder

By Michael Campagna

With 345 total wins, 24 championship trophies and 80 teams altogether, Nathan Vickroy’s success in intramural sports is unrivaled by any other student athlete in Georgia College history.

As a junior exercise science major, Vickroy has excelled in intramurals throughout most of his college experience, earning the esteemed title of “Intramural Legend”. This elite group, comprised of a dozen active members and many past participants, is reserved for the best of the best. According to Vickroy, in order to be initiated as an Intramural Legend, “you have to be a playmaker and have a big role on every team.”

Always a talented athlete, Vickroy did not want to commit to one sport during his college career, preferring to compete in multiple areas. He has played every intramural sport offered at GC and credits the RecSports program with many of the friendships he has made over the past few years.

“I want to use those talents that God gave me, so I just love being able to do that with intramurals,” Vickroy said.

In the past few weeks, Vickroy’s renown as an Intramural Legend has extended to the national level, where he recently set an all time record for winning the most intramural games in a single semester. During the 2015 fall seasons, he played on 21 different teams and won 117 games overall.

“I love intramurals, it’s pretty much my life, so to see it pay off is pretty neat,” Vickroy said.

Vickroy’s commitment to intramural sports has given GC national acclaim, not only by showing his own successes but also by demonstrating the extent of its program.

“It’s good for our program because it shows people what the potential could be…you can get pretty much as much intramurals as you want from our program,” RecSports director Bert Rosenberg said.

Vickroy has committed far more to the RecSports program than his participation in intramural sports, though. He works for RecSports on a regular basis and is also part of GC’s club ultimate frisbee team.

“He’s pretty much at the intramural fields five days a week, either working, playing intramurals or practicing for club,” Rosenberg said.

However, Vickroy’s success is not the only national recognition that GC has received for its intramural sports. The RecSports organization at GC has been nationally ranked several times in the past, owing largely in part to the participation rates of its students.

“Most schools average about 13 percent of the student population participating in intramurals,” Rosenberg said, “but on our campus, we have close to 2500 students, which is around 40-50 percent.”

Rosenberg credits these growing participation rates with the variety of sports offered during each season. Unlike other schools, GC hosts four or five intramural sports each season, giving most students the opportunity to play a sport they like.

“Georgia College’s intramurals are the best in the nation,” Vickroy said, “so I just think everybody should utilize that and use it to the best of their ability.”

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