Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We are bothered by the fact that Milledgeville doesn’t offer recycling services to its downtown residents.

Several cities now offer recycling programs, some are even mandatory. These programs have proved to be impactful in their communities time and time again by reducing the need for new landfills, saving energy, supplying raw valuable materials back to industries and even stimulating the economy.

We’ve all heard the main reason as to why recycling is important: it helps the environment. But it runs much deeper than that; it also helps people. Providing citizens with opportunities to recycle also encourages people to more environmentally conscious. This consciousness can then lead residents to take even more steps to preserve, respect and beautify this unique part of town. Not only this, but it can offer citizens a feeling of fulfillment and purpose as they do their part to protect this world for future generations, and perhaps make it even better.

Currently, almost every bar in Milledgeville will throw away an average of five to six huge trash bags filled with beer bottles and plastic cups after a busy night. These numbers will probably only increase as Georgia College and Milledgeville grows, which both undoubtedly will.

Imagine the difference that could be made if these materials were recycled and reused, rather than just sent to corrode in a massive pile of junk up the road.

However, we speak for several of our classmates, professors, friends and fellow residents when we say we are willing to try.


Mary Henderson and Katie Griffin

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