_senior art show small

Senior art major Anne Humphrys stands in front of her senior exhibit. From top left, Janis Joplin on decorative sheet metal, John Lennon on glass plates and wood, Willie Nelson on wood with guitar strings, B.B. King on a window pane, Louis Armstrong on pegboard with twinkle lights, Elton John on a mirror, 2Pac Shakur on a metal industrial drip pan and Lady Gaga on wood with compact discs. Humphrys painted a keyboard border to showcase her work.
Senior art major Cassie Pace shows off some of her work for her senior exhibit. Her artwork is currently on display in Blackbridge Hall.  Her artwork is a personal reflection of her own experiences. “Many of these pieces represent my own memories from childhood,” said Pace. The art students completed their exhibits as their final project. The work is on display from Monday, Nov. 30 to Fri, Dec. 3.