Public Safety »

James Beaman JUST SLEEP IT OFF Aug. 14, 10:09 p.m. Officer McKinney responded to a call about a guy…

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Georgia Military College meets with federal, state officials »

Katie Skogen @KatieSkogen After being listed as a target on an Al Queda publication, officials indicate no evidence of…

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It’s all downhill from here. »

This is me

John Dillon @JohnDillonIV As your News Editor, it’s time you learned about me. While last week was all about…

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Love me Tinder »


Emily Ward @GCSUnade It took three months for one junior english major to work up the courage to download…

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  1. Fantasy football for dummies
  2. GC Basketball signs Miles
  3. Something old, something new
  4. Bargain shopping for your fantasy league
  5. Drafting Your Winning Team
  1. Amber Redner: Georgia College won’t be getting a penny more from me–not after they made my brother...
  2. Catie: Alton absolutely is the problem here. When I attended Georgia College I lived on Liberty, and he would call...
  3. Anonymous Supporter of Anonymous: Well said, Anonymous. This paper is simply playing the politics game. As in...
  4. Anonymous: By choosing to remain silent when you see discrimination and hate being spread, you become a part of the...
  5. James Baugh: A fine article, I just wonder why ant the end you make the a priori assertion that the government should...

The Litter Box



Let the music move you. »

Hey, music lovers! Looking for a great weekend roadtrip? Check out these destinations. Lexi Scott @lexi _scott11 Nashville, TN The land of hopes and dreams for aspiring musicians, is Queen…

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1937 – 2014 A Georgia College Art Alumni Exhibit »


Andie Leeds @andie_leeds As the dust in the air settles, the sounds of the machinery fade into the past and the lingering…

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“Nothing in the world is better than doing what you love with your bestfriends.” – JP McKenzie »

family and friends2

Emily White @emilywhite1234 As if Milledgeville could get any hotter, Family and Friends rolled into town this past Thursday night to heat…

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From Monte to Milly »

In The Colonnade office, there’s a computer in the corner with a background set as a picture of the Arno in Florence.…

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GC Basketball signs Miles »

John Barnett @gcsunade A new era in Georgia College basketball has arrived. The Bobcats have a new head coach, Mark Gainous, and…

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Something old, something new »

Former assistant basketball coach Gainous promoted Nick Landon @realnicklandon After accumulating the most years at one school in Peach Belt history, Georgia…

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Bargain shopping for your fantasy league »

Nick Landon @realnicklandon Every year, there’s someone in your fantasy football league who sits back smugly as the back up running back…

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Fantasy football for dummies »

A crash course on the fundamentals of fantasy football. WIth this guide, you will understand the ins and outs of one of the fastest growing phenomenona in the nation. Derek…

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